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Have you ever embarked on a fitness journey to enhance your physique, whether by building muscle or shedding excess weight?

Achieving significant results often requires consistent effort over an extended period.

While a single day of intense exercise or indulging in a tub of ice cream may not produce noticeable changes, repeated actions over time can lead to dramatically different outcomes.

This principle applies to various aspects of life, including SEO.

Link building services like FatJoe or Authority Builders charge a premium for backlinks to sites that are absolute shit. One of our clients tried both of those services temporarily and got terrible links from very generic sites.

I would advise you to build links on sites that are closely related to your industry and forgo using those big link building services.

This could be a bit more expensive than aforementioned link building sites, but you are likely to get a more targeted list of publishers that fit your niche. Or just take things slow, and do outreach and build links that way.

The Most Common Mistake

Some beginners make the common mistake of building a few backlinks and then giving up on SEO when they don’t see immediate results.

This is akin to going to the gym once and expecting to see a ripped physique overnight.

In reality, SEO is a long-term strategy that requires consistent effort.

Our experience shows that it takes about three months of dedicated content creation and link building to start noticing tangible improvements in website traffic.

Once the initial momentum is gained, SEO becomes an addictive process, driving you to seek even better results.

Link Building Strategies in 2024

You need to find relevant websites on google by using different search queries. Reach out to them for the quality backlinks. Every editor is going to charge money from you on the basis of their website metrics. You don’t need to pay the demanded price to the editor, you need to negotiate the price with them.

  1. These are the link building strategies
  2. Round up link building
  3. Guest posting
  4. Link insertions
  5. Resource page link building
  6. Broken link building
  7. Reach out to the editor of those websites from where your competitor is getting a link.

Average Link Building Cost

Every company will have their own pricing depending on their own different factors.

Be careful with any backlink company you use. I have worked with plenty, some are legit, others are shady fuckers (as are many companies within the SEO industry).

If you are looking to acquire links from high authority sites, make sure you understand where your link will appear on the site, as we’ve had people approach us with “high authority links” by adding a shitty post to the community section.

And remember that the DA isn’t everything. Although you may not have time to do all the work, I’d recommend reviewing any sites beforehand just to be on the safe side.

Final Thought

SEO costs real money. All these DIYs trying to do SEO themselves is ridiculous. It’s sort of like trying to do your own electrical or plumbing without any experience.

Finding a quality backlink provider at a reasonable cost is the challenge for most. Unless you do this every day, you won’t have the network or connections to do this. You will either overpay or be sold on crap links.

This is one of the huge benefits of a good SEO agency. We already have the network and connections to acquire , good, pre-vetted, backlinks at competitive market rates.

Christopher Smith
Author: Christopher Smith

SEO and linkbuilding expert. More than 7 years of work in the field of website search engine optimization, specialist in backlink promotion. Head of linkbuilding products at GREAT Guest Posts, a global linkbuilding platform. He regularly participates in SEO conferences and also hosts webinars dedicated to website optimization, working with various marketing tools, strategies and trends of backlink promotion.

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