How to Create Social Media Engagement Posts (16 Engagement Post Ideas)

Create Social Media Engagement Posts

Many firms are on social media or want to be. In fact, 91.9% of marketers at businesses with over 100 employees feel they should use social media for marketing.

But simply making a Facebook or Instagram profile is easy. The challenge lies in generating ideas and making engaging posts, which many businesses find hard.

Social media today is busy and quick. How can a firm, especially a small one, stand out in all the noise?

The solution is to craft targeted social media interaction posts. Engagement posts serve a dual purpose: they spark interest and prompt individuals to engage with your brand.

This article delves into engagement posts and offers guidance on crafting them effectively. Furthermore, we’ll present 16 straightforward post concepts to sustain your audience’s interest.

What Are Social Media Engagement Posts?

Let’s start by understanding what social media engagement is all about. It’s basically any interaction your audience has with your posts on social media. This could be liking a post, sharing it, or leaving a comment.

The level of engagement can vary across different social media platforms. For instance, on Pinterest, you can see how many users save your pin to their boards, while on YouTube, you can track the total watch time.

Social media engagement posts are specifically designed to boost interaction. When you make one of these posts, the goal isn’t just to get noticed; you want your audience to join in and participate.

Why Is Social Media Engagement Important?

Social media engagement posts offer more than just a chance to show off.

With 3.6 billion people using social media worldwide and users spending an average of 2.5 hours daily on these platforms, it’s clear that social media is where your potential clients are hanging out.

Yet, in a sea of countless social media accounts and a constant flow of new content, standing out can be tough.

That’s where social media engagement posts come in. They help you connect with your audience, making it more likely they’ll remember you. By interacting with your current and potential customers, you’re building relationships and fostering brand loyalty.

What’s the Best Social Media Platform for Engagement?

When it comes to engaging your audience, which social media platforms should be your top focus?

Facebook might be the first one that comes to mind, and for good reason. It’s still the reigning champ of social media, boasting over 2.9 billion active users.

And it’s not just individuals who love Facebook; marketing pros do too. Last year, a whopping 93% of marketers were all about Facebook, making it their go-to platform. But hold on, things are changing.

Platforms like TikTok are shaking things up, offering much higher interaction rates for organic content. In 2021, micro-influencers saw an incredible 17.96% organic interaction rate on their posts, something unheard of elsewhere.

The key social media platforms for your business depend on factors like your industry and the demographics of your customers.

For example, TikTok users aged 50+ and above make up just 11%, whereas they’re more prevalent on platforms like Facebook.

How to Write Engaging Social Media Posts

Feel free to share anything on social media, but not all posts spark engagement. Here are our nine best methods for crafting social media content that gets people talking.

1. Know Your Platform

The social media scene is changing, prompting marketers to explore alternative platforms.

It’s crucial to grasp the nuances of the platform you’re on, as it might vary from what you’re used to.

Start by defining what engagement means for you. Do you aim for shares on Facebook, or are you seeking duets and stitches on TikTok?

Additionally, familiarize yourself with the platform’s algorithm. This dictates what content users see. For example, Twitter prioritizes tweets from accounts they interact with, while YouTube suggests videos based on users’ interests.

2. Discover What Works

You can achieve a lot on social media, from engaging video campaigns to smart Social SEO strategies.

But remember, every audience is different. To figure out what works best for yours, keep an eye on how people interact with your posts and learn from the results.

Platforms usually offer tools to check analytics, like follower counts or video views. For deeper insights, think about using a social listening or analytics tool.

3. Develop a Brand Voice

Determining your brand voice is crucial. Are you formal and professional or informal and trendy? Do you come across as youthful or mature? And yes, having a sense of humor can work wonders!

Answering these questions lays the foundation for your brand’s personality.

Consistency in your brand voice is key—it boosts engagement on social media because your followers feel like they know you. You might be the funny buddy, the knowledgeable guru, or the hip influencer constantly popping up in their feed.

Tailor your voice to suit your target audience’s preferences. Develop clear guidelines so that everyone on your team can maintain the same tone across social media platforms.

4. Use Images and Video

Pictures and videos are liked more by social media users compared to text or links. According to studies, 68% of users prefer photos, while 50% prefer videos.

Certain engagement posts contain photos or videos. But for those who prefer otherwise, there are still ways to catch their attention.

For example, when sharing a blog post from your website, avoid just sharing the link, as people tend to overlook it. Instead, opt for a high-quality, relevant image.

Looking for fresh YouTube video ideas? We’ve got you sorted.

5. Jump on Current Trends

Social media thrives on trends. A catchy hashtag or challenge can dominate everyone’s feed for a while, and joining in can increase your visibility. Remember when the lights went out during the 2013 Super Bowl? Oreo jumped in and tweeted a picture with the caption “you can still dunk in the dark.”

You don’t have to force yourself into every social media trend. But stay alert for interesting trends and challenges on each platform, and take advantage of any opportunities that arise.

Before joining a trend, make sure you grasp its backstory. For instance, earlier this year, certain brands joined the “West Elm Caleb” trend, where a group of women discussed dating the same man.

These brands later received backlash for turning a serious dating cautionary tale into a light-hearted moment and sparking a debate on online privacy.

6. Listen to Your Audience

When chatting with potential customers face-to-face, remember to listen as much as you talk. This principle also applies to social media.

It’s important to keep an eye on what others are saying about your profiles and posts. You can also tune in to discussions about your brand on various social media platforms.

To manage this effectively, start by searching for your brand name. For broader coverage, consider using a social listening tool like HootSuite or Sprout Social.

If you come across positive mentions of your brand, thank the user and consider sharing their material. If the mention is negative, you might notify the user that you will take their comments into consideration. If there is a present problem with your product, put them in contact with customer service.

Social listening works: 48% of marketers strongly believe that social listening has boosted the value of their firm.

7. Pay Attention to Influencers in Your Niche

Which artists and influencers are prominent in your niche, and what topics do they post about?

If an influencer is receiving a lot of engagement talking about products similar to yours (or producing material about your field), take note of their success.

You can also develop relationships with these influencers by responding to their posts and sharing their material. This will bring you in front of their fans as well. If you come across a creator whose material is likely to resonate with your target audience, contact them to discuss working together.

8. Post at the Right Time

Social media is fast-paced. If you share content when your audience is offline or occupied, it might get overlooked when they finally check in.

Finding the best times to post can be tricky. Research suggests different peak times (like Sprout Social’s findings that Facebook sees high engagement on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.), but the key is understanding your specific audience. The simplest approach? Experiment with posting at different times and keep an eye on the engagement metrics.

9. Cross-Promote Social Media Profiles

Many people hop on different social media sites. Feel free to say “follow us on Instagram” on Twitter, and vice versa.

Your fans might prefer one platform over the other, so promoting all your accounts lets them choose. Plus, you’ll share different kinds of stuff on each.

Also, it’s smart to showcase your social media pages on your website.

16 Ideas for Social Media Engagement Posts

A social media engagement post is all about getting people to engage with your content. Check out these 16 ideas for posts that really increase interaction.

1. Ask a Question

The principle is simple: you want people to respond to your post, so ask them a question. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it’s preferable if it’s relevant to what your firm does or your target audience.

For example, a company that sells outdoor gear would question, “What’s your favorite hiking destination?” Alternatively, a pet supply company may ask, “What funny thing does your pet do?”

Like and respond to helpful replies.

2. Poll Your Followers

Numerous social media platforms offer the option to create polls. Users find them engaging and enjoy participating to see which option garners the most votes.

Moreover, polls can provide valuable insights into your audience. Yet, the most effective ones are often light-hearted. For instance, a question like “Do you enjoy pineapple on your pizza?” is more likely to capture attention compared to extensive market surveys.

3. “Caption This”

Share a quirky or amusing photo and challenge your audience to create the perfect caption! You can even turn it into a fun contest and reward the wittiest caption with an exclusive prize.

Using a photo in your post is way more entertaining than just sharing a plain link, which tends to be less exciting for your audience.

4. Go Live

You have the option to go live on various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Before you start your live stream, get ready. Inform your followers about the time of your live session and what they can anticipate – is it a Q&A session or a big announcement?

During your live broadcast, feel free to do whatever you’d like, but remember, viewers who tune in to live videos instead of pre-recorded ones are often looking to engage with you. Respond to their questions and comments as they come in.

5. AMA (Ask Me Anything)

The AMA format gained popularity on Reddit. It’s just as it sounds: people can ask you anything, and you’ll respond. Usually, it happens live for a set time. For instance, you might dedicate an hour to let followers ask questions, aiming to answer as many as possible.

Don’t invite your followers to “ask you anything” unless you’re ready for it. If followers see lots of unanswered questions in your AMA, they might not participate next time.

6. Contest or Giveaway

Who doesn’t love winning and scoring freebies? Hosting a giveaway, whether it’s for small or big prizes, is always a hit.

You can set up a legit contest like a photo or video challenge, or simply enroll folks for a chance to win by liking, following, or filling out a form. Just make sure the rules are crystal clear.

Spread the word about your giveaway far and wide—your aim isn’t just to hand out a prize or two, but to get as many people involved as possible.

But remember, don’t go promoting random giveaways for stuff that has nothing to do with your brand. Posting irrelevant stuff is a surefire way to get folks to hit that unfollow button on social media.

7. Expert Interview

Consider producing a video interview featuring an expert in a field related to your product. This adds engagement and credibility for your audience, rather than just promoting your own offerings.

The expert could be someone within your company. If your business operates within a certain industry, chances are you have knowledgeable staff members in that domain.

Reach out to influential personalities on social media who specialize in similar areas. Collaborating with them could enhance your content and reach a broader audience.

8. Customer of the Week

Highlight your supporters to show appreciation. Each week or month, feature a customer with a photo and a brief Q&A or story about how they use your product.

An easy way to do this is by finding customers who have already shared about your products on social media or shown interest in them.

9. Post About Charitable Work

Let’s spread the word about the fantastic work our organization is accomplishing.

Did you know that 82% of buyers are willing to pay extra for a product that aligns with their beliefs? This means we could attract new followers by showcasing what we cherish, like our local community, in a social media post.

10. Share a Review

If you receive positive internet reviews from customers, share them on your social network. Ensure you’re connecting with your audience.

Thank the reviewer and everyone else who took the time to do so. Invite your followers to join the conversation.

For example, if the review describes how the reviewer uses your product, ask people to comment and share how they use it too.

11. Introduce The Team

Your followers want to know that your company is made up of genuine, relevant individuals. Include your team or a specific team member in a post.

These posts can be uninteresting if they only contain a picture and a few facts about the person. However, posting a fascinating story about an employee or allowing them to share their unique experience or skill humanizes your company.

12. Ask For Recommendations

Ask people to share their favorite book, movie, or ice cream flavor. Bonus points if the topic is related to your business.

Don’t forget to react to comments and thank users for their recommendations.

13. Ask For Suggestions or Feedback

Customers appreciate brands that are attentive. Allowing social media users to leave comments about your product or service shows that you care about their opinions. Don’t hesitate to ask them for suggestions, like what new features they’d like to see.

Whenever you take action based on their feedback or suggestions, make sure to post an update to keep customers informed.

14. Offer a Social-Only Deal

Everyone loves a good deal, right? Promote a special deal that is only available to customers who like, follow, or comment on social media.

15. Share Something (Mildly) Controversial

We advise against diving into big ongoing arguments. But hey, you can stir up some fun chatter while keeping it light and entertaining.

An amusing “unpopular opinion” post is sure to stir the pot and get folks chatting, even if it’s about something as trivial as why winter rocks as the best season.

16. Post a Challenge

You’ve witnessed the ice bucket challenge go viral. New challenges pop up on social media platforms all the time.

You can join existing challenges or create your own. For example, Chipotle introduced the Lid Flip Challenge, where people were encouraged to record themselves flipping a lid onto a burrito bowl.

Final Thoughts

Brands that prioritize boosting social media engagement stand to gain from enhanced marketing reach, ROI, and brand awareness. This makes it easier to connect with potential leads and existing customers.

However, increasing engagement requires ongoing effort and dedication. Before diving in, it’s crucial to understand your target audience.

Utilize insights to track your progress and determine where to allocate your social media efforts. Remember, effective social media interaction hinges on catering to what your audience finds compelling!

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