How to Verify Your Google My Business Profile (2024 Methods)

Google My Business Verification

Ever thought about how those first Google results for electricians nearby or the top restaurant in your area made it to the top?

Google gives the nod to these businesses as reliable and trustworthy, earning them those prime spots. Google Business Profile lets you tweak what people see when they search for you on Google, from where you’re located to pictures and how to get in touch.

It’s a free tool to list your business, making it easy for current and future customers to find you on Google. To get started, just confirm your business with Google through a simple process.

This article explains why it’s important to verify your Google Business Profile and outlines the five steps to get it done.

What is Google Business Profile (now Google Business Profile)?

Google Business Profile, now simply called Google Business Profile, is a service from Google that helps businesses establish themselves on the search engine and control what information users see about the company.

When you search for a business on Google, a card on the side shows the address, photos, location, website, summary, and contact information for that business. Companies can keep this information up to date by creating and confirming their Google Business Profile (GMB) profile.

GMB is necessary for businesses with a physical location, like a store, hotel, or restaurant, as well as those who offer services in various places, like electricians, consultants, or interior designers. Google Analytics, Google Ads, and marketing tools can assist online businesses in promoting their name and information.

Verifying your Google Business Profile not only gives you access to other features but also helps showcase your restaurant’s online delivery services. Google can show trusted third-party information to prove that your restaurant offers this service.

Why Is It Important to Verify Your Business Listing on GMB?

If you haven’t checked your GMB profile yet and aren’t sure why it’s so important, think about the following five big advantages:

Keep Your Business Information Up To Date

Checking your Google Business Profile gives you total control over your company’s details on Google Search and Google Maps. You can use it to change information and share pictures.

Users can also see Insights, a service that shows listing stats like how customers discovered the listing and what they did next. These signs can help you monitor customer engagement.

Respond to Customers

Verifying your Google Business Profile has a big perk: you can respond to what customers say about your business. What customers think matters a lot. Good reviews bring in new and repeat customers, but bad ones can push them away.

According to a 2021 report from PowerReviews, over 99% of customers read reviews when they shop online.

A survey from 2020 found that 94% of people are more likely to choose a business if it has positive online reviews. On the flip side, 92% said negative reviews would make them avoid a business. Once your profile is verified, you can thank customers for positive reviews, fix real issues, and spot fake reviews.

Crucial for local SEO

Local SEO is crucial for businesses that operate in specific areas since they mainly serve the local community. They have a limited number of potential customers, and to reach them, they need to rank higher than their competitors.

For example, when someone looks for the “best chicken sandwich in Queens NY,” the top results will show restaurants in the Google Local Pack. This feature lists three businesses for each relevant search, and they are chosen from the Google Business Profile directory.

Verifying your Google My Business (GMB) profile is crucial to improve your chances of ranking higher. These listings also show up for all searches on Google Maps.

Boost Brand Reputation

Imagine you’re using Google to find the best plumbers in your area. Would you prefer picking one with easily accessible contact details and positive reviews, or one where you have to hunt for even the most basic info?

Most people would go for the first choice. This shows how crucial it is for plumbers to verify their Google Business Profile for a good reputation. Google says that users are twice as likely to trust a business that’s been verified compared to one that hasn’t.

Prevent Misrepresentations

Having an unverified Google Business Profile listing can let scammers and fraudsters falsely say they’re part of or manage your company. They might use this to deceive your customers and harm your company’s image. Verifying your GMB ensures only the actual business owners and staff are recognized as the company’s public representatives.

How to Verify Your Listing On Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)

On your Google Business Profile, you get five ways to prove that your company is legit. Let’s look closely at each option:

Start by saying, ‘Yep, this is my business,’ before you try to prove it. To check, the business owner should look up their company on Google and choose ‘Is this your business?’ choice.

#1. Postcard

Google will send you a Postcard with a code to your address using this method. Business owners need to provide a precise address and ask for the card.

Once you get the postcard, go to your Business Profile, enter the 5-digit verification number when prompted, and click ‘Submit.’

After confirming the business, you can include managers or more owners. If needed, you can pass ownership to someone else, like a marketing agency.

Your business address cannot be a PO Box, a virtual office, or (for the most part) a coworking space. If you want to be verified, you need either a legit office or a residential address. Those are Google’s rules.

#2. Email

Companies offer email verification for certain listings. If you find the “verify by email” choice, select it, confirm your email address, and click “Verify Now.” Google will email you a code and a link. Click the link, type in the code on the next page, and tap “Verify.

#3. Phone or Text

Click on “Get Verified” on your Google Business Profile, and then choose “Phone or SMS.” Make sure your phone number is right, and you can pick up calls quickly.

Google will get in touch with you and give you a code. They might send the code as a text to that number.

Just put the code into your Google Business Profile page, and you’re finished. This verification option is only in a few countries, mainly the United States and Canada.

Be careful: Scammers might contact you, pretending to be from Google. Use this guide to find and report suspicious phone calls. Typically, a real Google call won’t ask for money, passwords, codes, or personal info.

#4. Video Recording

Postcard verification not working? Try the Google My Business video call verification process.

Share a video with Google to prove your business is real and you’re in charge at that place.

Record a video that shows:

a.) Where your business is

b.) The tools and equipment you use

c.) Proof that you run the business

Show outdoor signs and the area around to confirm your business location. Capture inside your store or restaurant to prove it exists. Then, demonstrate ownership by revealing behind-the-scenes areas or displaying official documents.

Once you’ve determined what to capture, go to your phone’s Business Profile and pick “Get Verified” – “Capture video.”

Tap “Start recording” and follow the prompts to record your video. When you’re finished, click “Stop recording” and upload it.

Google will analyze your video within five business days and notify you if verification is successful. If not, you’ll have to utilize another means of verification.

#5. Live Video Call

To complete the verification for your Google Business Profile, you can have a video chat with a Google representative.

First, check when representatives are available for the call using this link.

Initiate a text conversation with support on your mobile device to join the call. Visit your Business Profile, click “Get Verified” – “Video call,” select your language, and then click “Start Call.”

A customer service agent will help you join the call. During the conversation, make sure to show all the same information as you would in a video clip, including the business location, equipment, and proof of management.

Pro Tip:

If your Business Profile is linked with Google Search Console, you might qualify for quick verification. If eligible, you can easily update your company information without going through the usual verification process.

How to Optimise Your Google Business Profile Listing After It’s Verified

Now that your Google My Business profile is confirmed, it’s time to make it better. This means adding useful details, staying in touch with customers, and improving your local SEO.

Here are five ways to enhance your profile after you’ve entered the essential information:

Use Professional Images

Add real pictures of your company, restaurant, or shop. Ensure they’re good quality and match your brand. You can also put in videos to showcase your company and staff. Visuals give buyers proof and help promote your products or services.

Google says businesses with photos are more likely to get clicks to their website and requests for directions.

Check out this optical replacement center for a good example of photos to add to your Business Profile:

The first picture is friendly and professional, and the others show their work. Restaurants can show pictures of their food and decor, and stores can display their products.

Categorize Your Business Correctly

Google Business Profile lets you showcase what your business offers by adding different categories to your profile. Avoid sticking to just one main category; instead, include several that are relevant—up to a maximum of ten.

Google uses these categories to figure out if your business should show up in local searches. Just putting down broad terms like “restaurant” or “grocery store” isn’t enough; these can be your primary categories, but you should also include related terms.

For example, if your store has a pharmacy, make sure to add “pharma” in the categories section.

Enable Special Features

Google Business Profile is a game-changer for local businesses, offering specialised features to showcase your unique offerings and attract customers.

Google Business Profile offers special features for hotels, restaurants, bars, and other businesses to promote their products. For instance:

a.) Hotels can show ratings, check-in and check-out times, and a list of amenities.

b.) Restaurants, bars, and similar places can showcase menus and add links for online ordering and reservations.

c.) Some companies can directly list their products.

d.) Healthcare providers may list insurance information.

e.) Businesses can enable scheduling appointments or getting a quote.

Based on what your company provides, make the most of these features. They help clients easily make purchases. Also, include any other useful details, like wheelchair accessibility, LGBTQ+ friendliness, and free Wi-Fi.

Get More Reviews

Review is crucial for building a good reputation. People can share their experiences using Google’s star ratings and comments that describe their thoughts.

Before deciding to visit your store or make a purchase, potential customers often check these reviews. Positive reviews attract customers, while negative ones can turn them away. 

You can use our simple method to get more Google reviews and increase your earnings. 

Take the time to respond to both positive and negative reviews. Thank those who leave positive feedback, and guide those with concerns to your customer support email or phone number.

Don’t ignore negative reviews. Ignoring real customer issues may make you seem indifferent and raise doubts about your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Optimize the Copy On Your Listing

Include a short description of what your company does at the beginning of your Google Business Profile. Let’s take a steak restaurant as an example: 

Write a simple one or two-line sentence that persuades customers to pick your business instead of others with either no description or a badly written one.

Think of it as a prompt for action for your company. Keep it short, but highlight what you provide and what makes you stand out from similar businesses.

Final Thoughts

For businesses aiming to get local customers, making sure your Google Business Profile is verified is crucial. Getting this verification is the first step to creating a business listing that pulls in new customers and gives them all the important details.

It also boosts your efforts to show up in local Google searches. Want folks in your neighborhood to discover your business on Google? This is a great first move.

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