Link Building Optimization For Affiliate Sites: Where to Start


Links are the high octane, speedy route to dominating SERP. Depending on where you look you’re going to see a lot of arguments for and against links but time and again, it’s been proven that they work and work fast.

Consider this. I’ve been getting very good results for low comp keywords but fairly poor rankings for high comp keywords with better monetization potential.

One page targeting such high comp keywords gets a random backlink and it immediately shoots up by more than 30 positions before securing a spot on the first page.

Sure, those exact-match anchors and link blasts used to work… sometimes. But the game’s changed. Niches are fiercer than ever, and brute force won’t win.

We’re not here for quick fixes or shady pillows. This article unveils the strategic link-building symphony behind thriving affiliate sites. Forget generic guides – we’re diving deep into the internal architecture that attracts high-quality links like bees to honey.

1. Architecture For Affiliate Sites: Building Topical Relevance and Internal Links.

Forget silo thinking, build topic clusters! Strong search presence needs focused content groupings.

A “straight razor” site shouldn’t just have reviews, but dedicated pages on blades, shaving techniques, and care tips.

This “cluster” shows Google your site truly understands the topic, boosting ranking chances for specific keywords like “best wax for chest hair.”

Let’s say you want your “top straight razor” guide to shine. Craft at least 4 complementary razor-related guides, interlinking them like a thematic web.

This signals depth and relevance, giving your guide a stronger SEO foothold.

Anchor text matters! For internal links, focus on relevant, descriptive phrases related to your target keyword (30-50% exact match, adjust based on page volume).

Check my off-page SEO guide for more “smart anchor” tips.

2. Best Types Of Supporting Content & Money/Info Ratios

While you have free rein over content topics within your affiliate niche (think “straight razors”), generic fluff won’t cut it. Let’s dive into effective affiliate content strategies for maximum impact:

  1. Go niche with money pages: Expand your reach with pages targeting specific product variations, like “best dovo for head shaving” (blue bubbles). These “second, third-level” pages attract targeted traffic and boost conversions.
  2. Product reviews matter: Give honest, in-depth reviews of specific products like “Equinox Professional review” (orange bubbles). Build trust and guide your audience towards informed purchase decisions.
  3. Head-to-head comparisons: Help users weigh their options with content like “straight vs. safety razor.” Address key differences and answer common questions to solidify your authority.
  4. Answer the burning questions: People have tons of product-related inquiries. Tackle topics like “cleaning a straight razor” or “safety razor types” (green bubbles). Show off your expertise and attract valuable organic traffic.
  5. Learn from the best: Take inspiration from affiliate giants like NerdWallet. Their success speaks volumes for the power of quality content.

So, what’s the “one best” content type for link building? It’s not a monolithic answer. The most effective approach is a targeted content mix that blends niche money pages, in-depth reviews, comparisons, and informative Q&A pieces.

Informational content.

Forget product pushes, attract with insights. People don’t crave ads, they crave answers. Offer valuable info, like shaving guides or historical perspectives, instead of just listing your wares.

This user-focused content naturally sparks shares and links, unlike plain “top razor” lists. Think “expert tips with a razor edge,” not just “sharp deals.”

Maintain a 1:2 info-to-money content ratio. Informative pieces like “Straight Razor Shaving 101” build trust and attract eyes, while targeted content like “Best Straight Razors for Beginners” leads to conversions. Don’t skip informative pieces simply because the keyword competition seems fierce.

They act as SEO magnets, drawing traffic you can then gently guide towards your money pages. So, next time you craft content, remember, knowledge paves the way, sales follow the path.

3. Finding EASY Topics To Rank For That People Actually Search For

Beyond the typical product questions lurking in search bars, hidden gems exist: those unexpected, niche queries revealing user needs. “Why do my eyelashes curl down?” might not scream ‘eyelash curler content,’ but it’s got search volume! And guess what? The vast web offers surprisingly few answers.

Hold on, there’s more! Yes, “allintitle” searches reveal competition with ease, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The real question isn’t “is it easy to rank?” but “should I even rank for it?” Let’s dive deeper and unearth the hidden value in low-competition keywords.

Disclaimer: All credit for this technique goes to Doug Cunnington, the mastermind behind using “allintitle” searches. But why build links to seemingly effortless ranks? Time to crack this keyword code!

Tweaking the paragraph, we remove unnecessary acknowledgements and refocus on the core question: why target low-competition keywords. Additionally, using SEO-friendly terms like “unearth hidden value” and “crack this keyword code” improves discoverability.

4. Funnelling Juice & THE ONE THING You Need To Build Links To Any Page

Forget link chasing, focus on traffic attraction. More visitors naturally means more potential linkers. Here’s your roadmap:

  1. Build a High-Converting Money Page: This is your crown jewel, optimised for key conversions.
  2. Craft Keyword-Rich Support Pages: Target relevant long-tail keywords, like KGRs, with informative content.
  3. Link Intertwined: Strategically connect your support pages to the money page using relevant anchor text.
  4. Traffic Cascade: Drive visitors to the support pages, and internal linking guides them to your money page.
  5. Link Magnet Support Pages: Attract backlinks to your support pages, amplifying the “juice” flow to your money page.
  6. Direct Money Page Links: Don’t forget targeted, high-impact links straight to your money page for an extra boost.
  7. Track & Adapt: Test different page structures and link-building strategies to optimise your success.

Are Paid Links Worth For Affiliate Marketing Websites?

Absolutely not.

I worked with one of the largest affiliate groups across the globe, and the answer was tied to having amazing content and an even better UI/UX that leads to a good Core Web Vital score.

The idea for affiliate content is that sky’s the limit when it comes to content creation. You aren’t bogged down by a typical kind of content that you need to produce and you don’t have an expecting audience. Try to produce something unique, pick up a stats sheet and convert it into an infographic, pick up a competitor article and write an even better one, or review the biggest products in your niche, and you are set.

Once you are in the habit of creating 1 solid content piece a week, reach out to domains who have linked to your competitors and start asking for links. Reach out to industry reporters, especially city wide reporters. They always need new news and they would appreciate it.

Do this, and you’ll be able to compete with the big players on long tails within a few months.

The Bottom Line

Best practice is to avoid looking like a thin affiliate site. That means making the content very useful and unique, obviously, but also linking out via non-affiliate links to other resources as well.

In situations where you have several followable links going out to high-quality, trustworthy sites about the topic I have not found it necessary to hide or redirect affiliate links.

Christopher Smith
Author: Christopher Smith

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